Relief from PMS

November 28, 2018

It must be that time…

I’m not sure about you, but I can not stand when you act a little cranky and someone automatically blames it on being that time of the month, you know what I mean girl? 

Did you know that you don’t need to suffer from PMS systems? 

Here are some of my suggestions to help reduce PMS systems so you don’t have to punch the next person who accuses you of having your period the next time you act a little cranky! 

• Practice good sleep habits; get between 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

• Meditate and practice breathing exercises to calm the emotional centers of the brain and to encourage a more relaxed, happy state.

• Avoid all sugars, including fruit and fruit juices. Avoid refined carbohydrates, especially those that are made with yeast such as bread, bagels, & English muffins (this includes cereal and pasta made with white flour, white rice, white potatoes, corn syrup, honey and candy).

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which may stress the adrenals and exacerbate PMS symptoms.

• Choose lean, clean, quality protein at each meal such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, fish (especially salmon and sardines), eggs and whey protein. Eat antibiotic-free, hormone-free and organically to avoid estrogens which may exacerbate PMS symptoms.

• Increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (i.e., large cold water fish, flaxseeds, walnuts & pumpkin seeds); limit or avoid trans fatty acids (hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine and shortening). Cook with olive oil at a low heat.

  • It is important to consume adequate amounts of antioxidants which can be obtained daily through 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruit (fruits must be limited to 1-2 servings per day due to sugar content). If unable to consume 5-9 servings of vegetables & fruit, consider taking 1-2 tablespoons of PaleoGreensTM and/or PaleoRedsTM.

• Drink at least 64 ounces of filtered, bottled or non-chlorinated water every day. In addition, drink 2-3 cups of naturally decaffeinated green tea daily or Holy Basil tea.

• Keep blood sugar balanced by eating well balanced meals throughout the day and do not skip meals.

In addition to these tips adding the following supplements into your day will also help with PMS symptoms. 

Vitamin B-6 Liquid 2 tsps per day

FemGuard+BalanceTM 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with dinner (total of 4 per day)

XanthOmegaTM Krill Oil 1 softgel with breakfast and lunch (total of 2 per day)

MagCitrate powder 1 tsp per day

If needed for fluid retention:

Water EaseTM 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 with lunch (total of 2 per day)

You can get these supplements by signing up for my online dispensary at the link below. 


Supplements for Breast Health

October 25, 2018

October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month but I choose to look at it as a time to educate on proper breast health. 

As important as proper nutrition is for good for breast health you can read about my nutrition recommendation here.

I believe supplementation is just as important. 

Here are some of my top recommendations for Supplements that Support Breast Health 

Vitamin D our body makes Vitamin D from the sun and some foods like fatty fish, eggs, and walnuts. However, if you live in...

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Detox Your Home

October 14, 2018

If you have been working hard on making better lifestyle changes in your life with diet and exercise you may be missing out on making healthier changes to your home. 

Did you know the environment in which we live in is just as important to our health and wellbeing as the food and lifestyle we lead?

Here are some of my tips on how to detox your home to live a healthier life! 

DITCH: Shoes in your home

SWITCH: Make your home a no shoe zone!  

Think about it, you walk around all day ...

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Fall into Great Skin!

October 14, 2018

With the changing of the seasons, your skin care regime should also reflect some changes too. 

Cooler weather in fall means less humidity in the air and less moisture for you skin. 

The time of year is also a great time to focus on repairing the damage your skin has been exposed to all summer long. 

Here are my top suggestions for Fall Perfect Skin! 

Clean the slate. After months of constant sun exposures during the summer our skin can take little bit of a beating. 

Sun exposure, hormon...

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How to Detox and Balance Your Hormones after Partying too Much!

September 16, 2018

Now that Summer is over and you may have had a little too many drinks and indulged a little too much over the last few months and may be feeling a little more lethargic than usaul. 

I wanted to share some of my secrets about how to detox and balance your hormones after a little too much partying. 

Increase the following foods in your diet:

Eggs and other lean proteins like turkey and salmon all contain protein that helps to support the liver (the liver helps to detox anything toxic in y...

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Let the Sun Shine

August 22, 2018

Have I told you before how much I love summer and sunshine? 

Now the sun is shining and we are in the think of summer it’s important to understand the benefits and dangers of sun exposure.  

Getting sun exposure is essential and extremely important for production of Vitamin D.  The danger of sun exposure comes when you let yourself get burned.  Sun exposure should be used intelligently and  we should learn to not let our sun exposure lead to sun burns.

Vitamin D is an important nutrients that ...

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Staying Healthy When Traveling

July 3, 2018

It’s always much easier to stay on a routine when you are home but when you are traveling it is easy to be thrown off your regular daily schedule. 

With the holiday weekend coming up and Summer being a busy time of travel I wanted to share my tips on how to keep your skin glowing and body healthy and fit when you are traveling. 


Travel Prep:

Increase your intake of omega-3's a couple of days prior to send off to protect your skin cells from stress and dehydration. 

Get your Omega 3 ...

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How Food Affects Your Mood

June 19, 2018

Depression and mental health seem to be a topic on the top of conversation right now. It can seem like a complicated and shameful condition. 

Along with proper medical care and therapy, diet has a real impact on depression and anxiety. 

I have put together some information about how what you eat affects your brain chemistry and what you can do to improve it. 

Please remember that depression and anxiety is something to be taken seriously and if you know someone suffering please reach out, t...

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10 Passive Income Ideas for Wellness Pros

June 19, 2018

Are you a wellness professional that is tired of trading time for money?  

Want to know how to make more money in less time?

I know how you feel, as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutritionist for over 18 years I know what its like to do the fitness shuffle everyday.

Waking up early to get to your first client, running from gym to gym or client to client, getting in your own workouts and then finding time to eat, do things for yourself and then back to the gym for you...

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Should You Be Taking Adaptogens?

June 11, 2018

You may have heard about adaptogens and how they seem to be the latest trend in health and wellness. It seems like everywhere you look they are putting adaptogens like mushrooms in coffee and into powders to drip in your favorite drink. 

So, what’s up with adaptogens and why have they gotten so popular recently? 

I’ve talked about dealing with adrenal issues in the past so I’m sure you have heard my story before but if you haven’t I will give you a brief history. Over a decade ago...

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