The Fit Club bring fun and Fitness to you! 

We know you can take one of those free streaming classes that everyone is posting, or find a video on YouTube to get the job done. 

But having not just one, but two knowledgeable instructors to guide and motivate you daily is priceless. 

The Fit Club (with Larisa and Sabrina) makes working out and staying accountable easy and convenient.  

The FIT CLUB Includes:

Daily Workouts Monday-Friday

Each workout will be both streamed live and recorded, so you can re-visit classes at any time.


Monday 9:30am Cardio Sculpt with Larisa

Tuesday 9:30am Pilates/Yoga Fusion w/ Sabrina

Wednesday 9:30am Body Sculpt w/ Larisa

Thursday 9:30am Barre Sculpt w/ Sabrina

Friday 9:30am Instructor Choice 

Classes will run around 30-40 mins, Short and intense so you can move on with your day! 

Additional offerings will be added at different times, such as mediations, yoga, stretching, etc. 

Classes will be streamed on zoom (so we can see each other!) and posted on a closed Facebook group so you can watch anytime.

A Closed Facebook Group With a closed group, we have a community of supportive like minded people who can motivate and inspire each other. Chat, share tips, vent, hold each other accountable!

Access to over 200 pre-recorded workouts in our exercise library.

Also Included:

-Weekly talks about health topics with Sabrina, a clinical nutritionist 

-Weekly lives with Sabrina & Larisa to ask all of your fitness and wellness questions or just a time to chat and catch up!

-Healthy recipes and simple cooking tips

-Accountability challenges

We want to let you know we are here for you! We care about you and your health and want you to know we will be here every step of the way! 

What will you need: 

Dumbbells of various sizes- we will be using weights in some of our workouts. If you don’t have access to weights you can use various household items, wine bottles, gallons of water, etc. 

Resistance Band- Some workouts will include a workout band but if you don’t have one you can use weights or household items 

Mat- We will be doing some exercise on the floor so a mat would be helpful. If you don’t have a mat you can use your floor, carpet or towel. 

Access to Facebook and/or Zoom- These are both free services that you can get access to on your phone or computer. 

To join The Fit Club click on the link below. 

SALE PRICE $45 for 1 month!!

That's less than $3 a workout! WHAT?!!

Any questions email or Larisa

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