Workout 1 

All done 12-15 reps


Incline bench seated bicep curl to standing bicep curl

Squat with overhead press



Walking lunges

Front raise/rear delt raise

Ice Skaters


Step up to bicep curl


Hops over bench

 Workout 2

All done 12-15 reps


Reverse lunge w/ row with band

Tricep kickback

Jump squats


Stationary lunge with front raise

Running bicep curl

Jumping jacks with overhead press


Deadlift with row

Skull crush

Knee tucks with push up

Workout 3

All done 12-15 reps


Front lunge/reverse lunge

Push up to row

Alternating bicep curls


Plie squat with front raise

1 arm row on ball

Jump lunges


Leg extensions with overhead press

Shoulder T-lifts

Glute bridge


 Workout 4

All done 12-15 reps

Side squat with bicep curl to overhead press

2 arm row on 1 leg



Squat/lunge/jump squat/lunge

Y, T, I with band

Shoulder circles


1 leg squat


Tricep kickbacks