University of Delaware 1997-2001

    B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science; concentration in Fitness Management

University of Bridgeport 2011-2013

    M.S. in Human Nutrition



Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor 1997- Present

  • Motivate clients in one-on-one and group settings to achieve their fitness goals.
  • Educate clients about proper from to prevent injury.
  • Tailor individualized fitness and nutrition programs based on clients specific needs.

Clinical Nutritionist and Fat Loss Expert  1997- present

  • Create nutrition and meal plans based on clients needs as well as goals.
  • Conduct nutrition consultations for clients with various health issues; allergies, digestive problems, weight loss, pre/post natal nutrition, etc.
  • Advise clients on nutrition supplements and offer preventative care as well as clinical medical intervention.
  • Give workshops on fat loss and nutrition, thyroid health, depression, adrenal health, digestive health, etc.
  • Teach healthy cooking classes and meal preparation techniques to clients.
  • Create healthy recipes for clients and teach modifications and substitutes for higher fat dishes.  

dailycupoffitness.com, a fitness website

  Co-founder and Co-head writer  July 2010- present

  • Review fitness trends and products.
  • Inspire readers to make healthy choices every day through motivational emails and tips.
  • Encourage readers to incorporate exercises and healthy choices into their daily life.

Cave Woman Don’t Get Fat by Esther Blum     

    Researcher and recipe developer  February 2012- December 2013

  • Conducted research and summarized journal articles for relevant topics for the book.
  • Developed paleo recipes and meal plans for the book.

Give Peas a Chance Cooking School 

    Nutrition consultant    April 2013- present

  • Consult on nutrition content of meal planning for healthy childhood nutrition
  • Attend cooking classes and consult with parents about nutrition for children

Managment/Sales NYSC 2001-2008

  • Held various positions in management and sales at NYSC.
  • Managed and coached instructors and area managers to develop successful and innovative group exercise classes and programs.
  • Responsible for small group training revenue based programming and implement managerial training tools to exceed sales and revenue quotas.
  • Manage the only region to exceed the Small Group Training sales budget in numerous consecutive sessions.
  • Work with AGEMs one-on-one to develop their skill set to effectively manage programs and instructors in respective clubs.  
  • Develop and implement ideas to increase AGEM involvement to directly impact small group training registrations such as Demo day, Phone Blitz day and various other activities.

Training and Development NYSC 2003-2008

  • Developed group fitness classes and curriculum for the organization
  • Worked with various experts in the field to build innovative and effective programs.
  • Wrote and revised manuals for various educational programs for the company.
  • Train instructors on how to teach various formatted classes.