Sample Menu 1








1 c high fiber cereal w/ low fat milk and berries

2 hard boiled egg whites w/ pepper slices

low sodium chicken and rice soup w/ rice and veggies

turkey meatballs with whole grain pasta with tomato sauce

strawberries w/ fat free ricotta w/ coco powder


whole grain toast topped with low fat cheese

fat free Greek yogurt w/ blueberries

water packed tuna salad mixed w/ honey Dijon mustard celery and carrots on top of wasa crackers

Grilled salmon with asparagus and tossed salad w/ lemon juice

apple w/ natural peanut butter


quinoa mixed with berries and honey

berry smoothie; frozen berries, fat free yogurt

Chef's salad-w/ sliced turkey, low fat cheese on greens w/ balsamic vinegar and EVOO

grilled chicken w/ lemon; 1/2 c cous cous and spinach

celery boats; celery topped with low fat cottage cheese


multi grain English muffin topped with low  fat cream cheese and smoked salmon

hummus w/ sliced veggies

grilled chicken on a bed of spinach w/ goat cheese and walnuts with lemon juice on top

lean flank steak w/ cauliflower mashed with low fat milk and seasonings

fat free sugar free vanilla pudding w/ strawberries



egg whites on top of bed of spinach on top of multi grain toast

low fat cheese w/ apple



quinoa mixed with water packed wild salmon



brown rice sushi












air popped pop corn w/ hand full of nuts


oatmeal pancakes-oatmeal mixed with low fat cottage cheese, egg whites, vanilla extract and cinnamon cooked on a skillet



low fat plain yogurt with berries



grilled fish w/ brown rice and broccoli




grilled chicken topped with/ tomato sauce low fat ricotta and melted low fat mozzarella cheese


low fat high fiber cereal w/ skim milk


egg white omelet  w/ turkey bacon and sliced baked sweet potatoes

boiled egg whites topped with cottage cheese

turkey and hummus roll ups

turkey chili; turkey chop meat sautéed w/ tomato sauce and black beans

baked apple topped with cinnamon