Samantha came to me complaining her stomach felt like an overinflated tire. Her skin stretched tight and rock hard across her abdominals, she said, "I feel like I am going to burst wide open at any moment." 

Embarrassed, she smoothed her shirt down to show me the round bulge.  

I asked, "What did you eat this weekend?"

Samantha responded, "I had some wine and cheese with some girlfriends on Friday night. Went out for Italian with my boyfriend Saturday night and then Sunday brunch. I woke Monday morning feeling bloated, puffy and exhausted. Help me please!"

Gas and bloating are one of the most common symptoms my clients complain to me about.  

However, every human body reacts uniquely to different foods. Some get migraines or acne, while others experience joint pain or have weight loss resistance.  

These reactions can be linked to food intolerance.

If you are suffering from any of the following ailments: migraines, gas, bloating, food cravings, skin issues, heart burn, joint pains, sadness or depression, moodiness, brain fog, headaches or stubborn fat loss; then you may have a food intolerance and could benefit from a food elimination diet.   

As a clinical nutritionist I have spent years working with women to help them live a happier and healthier life. One of the most common problems I see with women is their relationship to food and how it makes them feel.

I believe to make changes in the way a person is looking and feeling, you need to take a holistic look at what is really going on with their body. One of the biggest roadblocks to optimal health that I come across is that a person is eating a food that is not agreeing with them and causing a reaction. However, most people don't understand what food is truly causing them an issue.

I find many clients that come to me need help because they do not understand the correlation between what they are eating and what happens to their body after they eat that specific food.  It is my job to work in conjunction with my clients to figure out how we can adjust their diet so they become symptom free and live a happier and healthier life! 

What is the Food Elimination Fix? 

It is the method of helping a person figure out what foods are causing reactions in the body, and the symptoms they are experiencing. Once you find out what that trigger ingredient is, then you will be able to know if you should avoid eating that food.  

The Food Elimination Fix was designed to give you step-by-step techniques to help find your trigger foods and allow you to heal your digestive system in order to live symptom free. 

I have spent many years working one on one with clients to figure out what foods are causing their health issues. I have helped to make a step by step plan on how to eliminate those foods from their diet and work to heal the gut in order to bring my clients to optimal health. 

After spending some time working on these protocols with my clients have seen them start to feel relief from their systems, and they begin to realize that their new normal is living symptom and pain free. Their stomach issues start to disappear, their skin starts to glow and their stubborn weight just starts to fall off.  

I have been working on bringing my protocols to the public so that many others can follow the program and get symptom free results also.

 I wanted a simple way for more people to feel and look as good as my clients feel in a simple step by step plan you can do on your own.  That is why I came up with the Food Elimination Fix.

I designed The Food Elimination Fix to be more than just an elimination diet. I wanted to devise a plan that would help to remove the foods that are causing issues within the body but not leave you feeling deprived in your diet. I wanted to make a program that also nourished your body while making you feel happier and healthier. 


- You are suffering from autoimmune conditions, migraines, gas, bloating, food cravings, skin issues, heart burn, joint pain, sadness or depression, moodiness, brain fog, headaches or stubborn fat loss.

-You want to figure out what is going on with your health and get in touch with your body.

-You want to feel and look better, gain more energy, get rid of any symptoms you may be feeling.

-You want to gain control of your health and get to the root of your symptoms. 


Who will not benefit from this program?

  • The person who is not willing to put a little time into figuring out why they are experiencing certain symptoms. 
  • Someone who is looking for to stay stuck in their old habits.
  • The person who doesn't want to look and feel their very best! 


  • Step by Step 6 Week Plan (how to remove certain inflammatory foods and then reintroduce those foods back in your diet)
  • Guidebook filled with information about supplements, food guidelines, mindset tools and much more
  • Meal options and menus
  • The Food Elimination Fix Cookbook filled with simple and easy recipes
  • Supplement Guide and 15 % off supplements ordered from my online dispensary
  • Food Diary
  • 6 Weekly coaching emails with information about what to expect week to week and how to handle obstacles if they should occur

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A food intolerance/sensitivity is different than a food allergy because it may not cause an immediate response or allergic reaction.  Symptoms of a food sensitivity may manifest as gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, headaches and brain fog, migraines, arthritis, or autoimmune issues.  

When you eat a food that your body may not agree with, it can cause inflammation inside of the body, something that you can’t see or feel and you many not have an immediate reaction.  

When the body tries to digest food that it is sensitive to it can cause an adverse immune response that can end in fatigue, GI issues, weight loss resistance and chronic disease.   

When you eat foods that your body has a sensitivity to over and over again your body starts to create a low grade chronic inflammation.  This is detrimental to weight loss because inflammation causes you to hold onto extra water weight in your body.  

Inflammation can also cause problems that can weaken the gut lining resulting in malabsorption.  When your body experiences nutrition insufficiencies from malabsorption your body tends to store fat to help combat the lack of nutrients it is receiving. 

This is why it is so important to eliminate the foods from your diet that your body has an intolerance or sensitivity to and the Food Elimination Fix can help guide you on how to accomplish this.

Benefits of the Food Elimination Fix:

  • Know what’s really going on in your body 
  • Reboot metabolism
  • Clean up your diet and feel great
  • Rejuvenate yourself and stay energetic
  • Reduce inflammation and stress on the body
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Stay young and age without painful health problems


Who is the Nutritionist Behind The Food Elimination Fix? 

More than 10 years ago, I began suffering from brain fog, a sluggish thyroid and exhaustion among other health concerns.  I went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong.  I spent a lot of time and money looking for someone to really listen to me and not just put me into a one size fits all program.  Through that process I learned about multiple ways to improve my health. Now I am on a mission to help women and teach them what I wish I’d known years ago. 

I have my Master’s in Science in clinical nutrition in addition to being a personal trainer, yoga, pilates, and cycling instructor.  I am the author of the Woman’s Guide to Empowered Health. I want to help you live a happier, healthier life. 

 Over the years, I have coached thousands of women through a variety of health issues and got them feeling their very best. I have a strong desire to educate women so that they can make informed choices about their own health and that of their families. I believe we all deserve to live a life filled with abundance and good health.

I have a passion for nutrition and fitness and understand the how the body can function when properly nourished.