With Winter  upon us, does the cold and long hours of darkness make you want to just sit on your couch with your Snuggy and drink wine?  If you are like most people you probably could relate to wanting to hibernate all Winter. However, just because it is cold and dark outside does not mean that you should give up on your fitness goals and become inactive all Winter!

Here are some ways that you can make it through this cold Winter and still remain active in Hoboken.

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As the year comes to an end and you reflect on what changes you’d like to make for 2011, you may find yourself planning your annual New Year’s resolutions.  One of the more common resolutions typically involves health & fitness.  Whether it is to exercise more, lose weight,  or build strength, most people want to become healthier in the New Year.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t stick to their resolutions, and in turn, don’t reach their goals.

Here are some tips on how to stay committed to your New Year’s resolution and have successful:

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Some Proper Gym Etiquette for 2011

Have you been to the gym this past week and noticed how crowded it’s been with all those New Year’s resolutions still intact?  Well, here are a few pointers on gym etiquette — I’m sure we all know someone that could use these tips:

  • No one likes a, “Chatty Cathy.”  If you’re gossiping instead of working out, take it off the gym floor.

Hummus Bar in Hoboken is Hummus Heaven!

As a hummus lover, I have been eyeing up the, “Hummus Bar Coming Soon” sign in the window on 630 Washington Street for some time now.  So, when I heard it had finally opened, my friend, Melissa –a self-proclaimed Hummus connoisseur — and I, went to check it out.
In case you are not familiar with hummus, it is a Middle-Eastern food that is made from ground chickpeas or garbanzo beans mixed with Tahini 

A Healthy Valentine’s Day 2011

February is "Heart Healthy" month and also the month of love!  Celebrate by including heart healthy foods and activities into your life today.  Whether happily single or happily attached follow some of these tips, and not only will you keep your heart healthy, but it will also put you in the mood for LOVE.

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Fitness and the Blogger 

Meet Sabrina Sarabella, the voice behind Daily Cup of Fitness. Sabrina has been teaching and educating people for 14 years in the fitness world. She has a BS in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware and is currently getting her MS in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  

What made you want to start your own fitness blog?
As a fitness professional I wanted to be able reach my clients every day and not just the once or twice a week that I get to see them in person so I decided to start to write a short tip everyday that I thought would keep them motivated and then it turned into a daily blog.

What is a perk of being a fitness blogger?
I am able to keep on top of the latest fitness trends and share it with my clients and friends. I am also able to reach a large amount of people daily and educate them on living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

How much time do you put into your blog?
Between doing research, writing and promoting my blog about 1-3 hours a day.

What is the coolest perk or compliment you have received?
The coolest perks is the satisfaction of people telling me that they look forward to the tip of the day and how to make small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.

What is your favorite work out routine?
I love all types of workouts but some of my favorites are power yoga, pilates reformer and strength training with plyometrics.

What advice do you give people in your blogs?
Every day I give a new tip on how to incorporate fitness and a healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

When did you first know that this was the right career path for you?
I knew from a very young age. I went to college to study sports and exercise science because I knew I wanted to help people become happier and healthier.  My mother was always into fitness and living a healthy life and we used to go to the gym together and workout with a trainer since I was in high school.  I learned to love working out from a very young age and couldn’t picture my life with out it!

When did you have your first “aha moment”?  

I can’t really think of a particular moment… There are sometimes that I run into an old friend or get an email from someone that says I love your  daily pots and look forward to them everyday.  When I find out that people read my blog and look forward to the daily tips it makes my hard work worth all the time I put into helping and educating people.  

How long have you been teaching and educating people in the world of fitness?
 I have been a personal trainer and educator for 14 years.  I hope to one day open a wellness center and write a few books that will help to make the world a healthier place!!
How do you motivate people to work out?
I like to believe that my love and passion for working out is infectious and that when clients train with me or take my group classes the energy I give off is contagious.

How can people follow your blogs?
Facebook; Sabrina Sarabella or Daily Cupoffitness
Twitter; sabrinafitness

By: Meghan Kight