Ugh, if you are like me, you are sick of gaining 5 lbs every holiday season and arriving at January 1st bloated, unmotivated and stressed out because you've let yourself go since Halloween. 

I hate that feeling, and I am sure you do too.  

So, I wanted to create a solution, an accountability program to both reduce stress and also help you maintain your weight so that you can arrive at January 1st feeling light and ready to take on the new year. 

Yes, thats it a cheat sheet program to guide you through the holiday season & in the end, keep those clothes from feeling tight.

How would it feel to have one program that includes a calendar of pre programed workouts, daily holiday stress relievers, what to eat to help maintain your weight, and awesome tricks to help you beat the bulge all throughout the holiday season? 

 I've given you all of your workouts for the month, provided amazing tips to help you maintain your weight with tips and tricks to beat that bulge.  I've taken the guess work out of it all… AND all for you to make it to January 1st feeling great about yourself all for only $9.99!!!   



Beat The Holiday Bulge Program all yours by clicking below.  


 Here's What You Get: 

  • A Cocktail Party Guide
    • Quick and easy, low fat appetizer recipes that will make anyone beg to get an invite to your party.
    • What to eat and drink when attending social gatherings to make sure you don’t gain those unwanted pounds.
    • How to prevent a hangover and how to cure your hangover tips and tricks.
    • Delicious Low Fat Dessert Cookbook so you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • 30 Day Workout Calendar
    • Quick and effective 20 minute or less workouts that you can do in your living room (or gym). 
    • Printable so you can take it with you on the go! 

  • Tips and tricks on how to enjoy your holidays and not gain weight
    • Easy to follow guidelines that will help you enjoy the holidays without gaining weight
    • How to beat your cravings tip sheet
    • Stress reducing techniques
    • What holiday foods to indulge in and which ones to pass up if you want to keep your pants buttoned! 
    • How to indulge and still make good choices
  • Tips to Beat the Bloat- what to eat and what to do to make sure you reducing bloating and fit into that party dress.

  • Post Party Detox- so maybe you indulged a little too much, these quick tips will help you get rid of that post party bloat.

  • Fit Girls Guide to Surviving the Holiday
    • Quick and easy tips to surviving the holidays! 

All of this in one easy to read package for $9.99 

Don’t miss out!!