Self Hypnosis Customized Audio Bundle

Self Hypnosis Customized Audio Bundle $333

🧠Rewire your mind

💪🏽Replacing self-doubt with unshakeable confidence

🙆🏽‍♀️Release limiting beliefs

📋Reach your goals

💫Increase abundance and money, meet your soul mate, manifest that dream job and more!

You’ll get:

1 Customized hypnosis to reprogram and install new empowering beliefs to reach your specific goals

1 Customized Subliminal affirmation audio for ongoing deep subconscious reprogramming.

Instructions on how to use and listen to each audio for maximin results to reach your goal

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis may feel like you’re going into a deep meditation or light sleep but you’re always in control. The goal is to relax you’re over analyzing, over thinking, conscious mind so that we can work with your subconscious mind where your beliefs are stored. While in a state hypnosis allows you to be more open to suggestions to making helpful, and positive changes in your perceptions, sensations, emotions, memories, thoughts are behaviors.

What are subliminal audios?

Subliminal, audios are positive affirmation messages that are embedded within a song or soft music, played and non-audible levels, that they sound like whispers are only perceived by your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind only hear the song or music, whereas your subconscious mind is able to hear the underline message underneath the music or sound. Your subconscious then records everything that’s being said, and makes plans of what new ideas for a better reality.


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