Summertime Sadness

Posted by Sabrina Sarabella on Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer’s over…now what ?

I grew up at the Jersey shore so summer to me means hanging out at the beach and enjoying the sun and sand.  So, that is exactly what I did this summer.  By Friday afternoon, I would hit the beach and enjoy myself all weekend.  My usual Saturday morning workouts turned into sleeping in and just lounging by the pool before I hit up happy hour.  You may have even seen a few too many pics of me on Instagram holding a drink in my hand (@sabrinafitness).  


So, now that summer is over what’s next?  Well, maybe you drank a little too many tropical drinks or ate too much late night pizza also.  Well, here are some tips on how to get back on track with clean nutrition and exercise.  


  1.       Don’t beat yourself up about it.  I had a great summer, I got to hang out with my friends and family and the people that are most important to me.  Met some new friends and had some great stories to tell so was a little slip up on my diet the end of the world?  I think not!  I’m sure you also enjoyed your summer, and in the big scheme of life it is ok you didn’t always get your usual weekend workouts in like you usually do.  Let go of the regret or if you are beating yourself up over gaining a few lbs. over the summer.  Everyday is a new day and a new day closer to getting back on your fat loss journey.  

2.       Get back on track.  Don’t let another day go by and say you will start eating better on Monday or you will get to the gym tomorrow.  Start getting back on track now.  Every meal is a chance to either store fat or burn fat.  You want to focus on lean protein, non processed carbohydrates and fresh vegetables.  Get back to the gym and hit high intensity weight training.  

3.      Have a plan.  Having a plan will help to give you direction on how to reach your goals.  Plan out your weekly workouts and shopping lists for meals for the week.  If you are prepared ahead of time then you can be sure that you always have healthy food around and scheduled time in advance for your workouts.  Having a plan helps to keep you focused on your goals and helps you get there faster.  

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