Learning How to Manifest Can Improve Your Business

Posted by on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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What is Manifesting?

Is the process of bringing anything that you desire into reality by using the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

When you focus your energy, attention, awareness, and emotion on something often enough, it becomes your reality. What you think about you bring about. This even pertains to things we don’t want.  Even on a subconscious level, we are attracting things into our life that we are focused on.   

“The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that all matter is made up of pure energy, which is in a constant state of vibration. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” and we are in a constant state of creating our reality through the energy we emit in the form of thoughts and emotion.”

Using Manifesting in Business 

The process of manifesting is important to your business because we all want to attract more clients which in turn means more money. 

When we follow the step by step process of manifesting we are able to be clear about our intentions and bring in exactly what we want in our business. 

As a business owner, we wear many hats and are in charge of many things. We sometimes get caught up in our day to day activities that we fail to work on the big picture of our business. 

Applying these tools will help to lead your business in the right direction and bring in the clients and money you desire. 

Step #1 Get Clear

Get super clear on what you want to manifest. 

Give details.  If you are manifesting clients, describe their personality. Do they have money to spend on your services? What kind of job do they have? What needs do they have that you can help with? Where do they hang out? How do they find out about your business? 

If you are looking to attract a certain amount of monthly income then describe how you will get that money? What services will you provide? What are you going to do with that money once you get it? Why do you need that money? 

What exactly does your life look like when you get what you want to be manifested? 

Why do you want this?

Step #2 Write it Down and Tell the Universe

Write what you wish down on paper. Start with "I am so happy and grateful now that..." and finish the sentence (or paragraph) telling the Universe what it is that you want. 

Write it in the present tense as if you have it right now. Avoid negation terms 

Every day until your wish comes true, close your eyes and imagine your desire as if it's happening right now and see your imagination turning more clearer.

Don’t waiver in your decision. Be truly certain that this is what you want and you know that you will get it.  

Be honest.  Don’t focus on attracting something you think others want you to have. You need to really want it and not say you want something because someone else or society is telling you that you should have this. 

You will not attract something that you truly don’t want. 

Step #3 Visualize and Feel the Emotions Behind It 

Now that you have become crystal clear about want to bring into your life take some time to visualize it and feel it in every cell of your being. 

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and connect with your breath. Bring your awareness to your body and start to feel it relax. 

When you are fully relaxed visual your perfect day. Where are you? Who is around you? 

What amazing things have been brought into your life because of this thing you manifested? 

Who do you talk to? 

What job do you have? 

How does it make you feel? 

What emotions do you have when this belief comes into your life? 

Take a few moments to really feel all the emotions behind what you want to have brought into your life.

When you felt that you have fully felt all of the emotions behind what you want to manifest in your life bring yourself back to your breath and your awareness.  

You can repeat this visualization exercise daily until you feel that you have fully adopted this new belief into your life. 

You will also want to give gratitude for this thing you want to receive in the present tense. 

I’m so thankful for this _____ in my life

I’m so grateful now that I have this in my life I am able to _______

Step #4 Clear Blocks 

The law of attraction is not a magic wand. Because the brain preferentially scans and stores negative experiences, we have to consciously, habitually build the positive mental muscle. We all have layers and layers of stories, limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks that have become the interior landscape of our minds and cannot be changed overnight just by thinking positive thoughts.

In order to become a master at manifesting with the law of attraction, we have to undo the patterns that have been stored in our unconscious and replace them with positive, empowering patterns. In other words, rewire the brain.

Click here to read all about the step by step process on how to clear blocks 

Step #5 Trust and Believe 

Now that you have completed all of the steps and you truly believe that you will manifest this thing in your life you must let it go and trust and believe.

Trust that the Universe has heard what you are wanting and will deliver it to you in the perfect timing. 

You want to also show the Universe you are serious about receiving this thing. 

Show the Universe you are open to receiving by actually receiving things. If someone offers to buy you dinner, or a cup of coffee then accept it and thank them for it. Maybe a co-worker gives you a compliment about your hair or outfit, be sure to thank them for the compliment and receive it, don’t push it away. 

Act like you already have your wish. Who are you when you receive your wish? Are you more confident? Happier? Start acting as if you have already received and it shall be given to you. 

Take action to receive your wish. If you want to attract the perfect job or client then you will have to take action. Apply to jobs, talk to people, network, let people know about our business. You must show the Universe that you are also working to receive what you want. 

Don't get upset if these things don't happen immediately, you must remain patient and unwavering in what you want. 

Don't stress about "how" you will receive. Let the Universe do it for you. When you take the Universe's job of worrying about the "how", this says you lack faith and that you're telling the Universe what to do when the Universe has a far greater knowledge and power than us.

As discussed before with the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So if you are looking to receive happy, successful things then you need to raise your vibration to receive them. 

Do things that make you happy or feel successful and then you will be able to attract more happy successful things to you. 

You can’t attract good things if you constantly feel bad. 

Practice gratitude to attract more. Write down all the thing you are thankful for daily.  Say thank you more often.  


Those are the basic steps to learning how to manifest anything you desire. Using these steps in your business will not only help to clarify your goals but also the income you desire to achieve and the clients you want to attract and work with. 

Good luck!! 

Here is a downloadable cheat sheet to help you keep track of the steps 

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