What is Holding You Back From Success and How to Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

Posted by on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Have you found yourself trying to reach a goal but you can never accomplish it? Or maybe you have been trying to manifest something in your life that you just can't seem to attract?

I know how frustrating it can be to try to achieve something or attract something into your life that just isn't happening.

That feeling that something is holding you back.  

Your limiting beliefs could be standing in the way of your success. 

Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that hold us back or hold a barrier because we believe them deep down. They are something we have had imprinted in us for many years.  

Some examples of limiting beliefs are: 

 • I can't tell the truth because I may get judged

 • I don't want to get close to this person because people always leave me

 • People always reject me 

 • I can't trust people because people always betray me

 • I can't pursue my dreams because I always fail

 • It's difficult to earn the money I desire.

 • I will never get better.

 • All the good men are taken.

 • Things are so much easier for everyone else.

 • I'm not good enough

 • It's not safe for me to lose weight.

If you have been finding that a limiting belief has been holding you back from success here is my simple 5 step plan to help to clear them.

Step #1

Write Down Your Limiting Beliefs 

I recommend taking a few minutes to sit in a quiet mediation closing your eyes and connecting with your breath and taking a few minutes to reflect on the questions.  

a. What are the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back? Write whatever comes to mind.  

(If there are multiple limiting beliefs you can repeat the following steps for each one, it is best to focus on one at a time.)

b. What has this limiting belief held you back from? What has it taken away from you? What have you not been able to do because of this limiting belief? Has it made you feel not good enough or unworthy? What barriers has it blocked you from? 

Step #2

Feel the emotions behind the limiting belief

We tend to think emotions are bad and we push them away. But emotions are energy in motion.   They give us information and are important to knowing ourselves. When we push emotion away and try to push them down they get stuck in our body and we build up blocks that can result in illness, anxiety, and depression. 

In order to release these emotions behind our limiting beliefs, we must first begin to feel the emotions. They may be old emotions that you have buried for many years or maybe forgot about. 

We must now clear the emotional charge behind these limiting beliefs.

Guided Meditation for Releasing Anger

Take a few moments to close your eyes and find your breathe. With every breath you take you feel a little more relaxed.  

Start to visualize yourself sitting in a movie theater and on the screen is playing a scene that has brought you anger in the past. 

You are just observing this scene and you are safe. As the scene plays in front of you, the person that has hurt or angered you from this scene appears. 

They are also watching the scene play out on the screen in front of you.  As you look at them you can see they are sad for the pain they have caused you.  

They come over and apologize for the anger and pain they have caused you over this memory.  You both embrace each other and accept the apology. 

With the apology, you can feel all of the emotions behind this anger start to disappear. 

You say goodbye to this person and feel as if a weight has been lifted off of you. The lights go on in the theater and the scene is over and the emotions have been cleared.

Start to bring awareness back to your breath as you become aware of the sights and the sounds around you as you come back from your journey. 

Step #3 

Say Goodbye to that Limiting Belief 

Now that you have cleared the emotion behind the limiting belief it is now time to say goodbye to it, you don't need it anymore and it no longer serves you. 

Take a few moments to write down a good bye letter to your limiting belief. Say goodbye to how it has been holding you back and how you no longer need it anymore. You have no room for it in your life and it no longer serves you. 

Once you are done with that letter you may close your eyes and do a visualization to release that limiting belief for good.  


Closing your eyes and connecting to your breath, letting your body fully relax. Picturing yourself in your favorite location, a beach, forest or open meadow. You can feel the sun lightly shining on you and the fresh air touching your skin. You are walking peacefully connecting to the relaxing sounds of nature around you. 

In the distance, you see a small fire burning, as you start to walk towards the fire you gently feel the heat on your skin. As you walk closer to the fire you stare for a few minutes into the flames. Then you take the goodbye letter you wrote to your limiting belief out of your back pocket and throw it into the fire. 

As the paper starts to burn and the remnants become smoke that is being carried away into the sky. As the paper starts to burn you can feel a weight being lifted off of your shoulders as you say goodbye to this limiting belief. 

Once you see the paper is fully burned and there is nothing left you turn to walk away from the fire. Leaving the fire and your limiting belief in the distance behind you. As you walk away start to connect your breath again and when you are ready to bring your awareness back to your body and to the room you are in. 

When you have completed your meditation and you felt complete that you have let that limiting belief go then you can rip up or actually burn the physical piece of paper you have writing your goodbye letter to and officially say goodbye to that belief that no longer serves you. 

Step #4

Make a New Belief 

Now that you have released that limiting belief, cleared the emotions around it and said goodbye, it is time to make a new belief to take the place of the old one.

For a few moments close your eyes and start to connect your breath, think about a new belief that you want to bring into your life. 

Once you have connected to that belief you can write it down on a piece of paper. 

Get crystal clear about that belief, how exactly do you want it to look. What kind of emotions does this new belief invoke in you? How does it make you feel?

Write down all of your feeling around this new belief. 

Give gratitude for this belief. Write out how thankful you are for this new belief and all the positive, amazing things it is bringing to you in your life. Write down, "I am so thankful for this ______ and for all the amazing things it has brought to me that include _______"

Write this down a few times and really feel the gratitude behind it. 

Step # 5

Visualize it

Now that you have become crystal clear about the new belief that you want to bring into your life take some time to visualize it and feel it in every cell of your being. 

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and connect to your breath. Bring your awareness to your body and start to feel it relax. When you are fully relaxed visual your perfect day. Where are you? Who is around you? What amazing things have been brought into your life because of this new belief that you have? Who do you talk to? What job do you have? How does it make you feel? What emotions do you have when this belief comes into your life? 

Take a few moments to really feel all the emotions behind this new belief that you have. 

When you felt that you have fully felt all of the emotions behind this new belief bring yourself back to your breath and your awareness.  

You can repeat this visualization exercise daily until you feel that you have fully adapted this new belief into your life. 

Download your Releasing Your Limiting Belief Worksheet Here