Virtual Corporate Wellness talks bring wellness to work with a single or series of health and wellness focused talks.

Research clearly shows that companies, from small business to enterprise, who invest in corporate wellness programs for their employees see many benefits:

-Improved health of employees (reduction in overweight/ obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes rates)

-Increase in employee productivity

-Increase in employee retention and acquisition

Talks range from 30-45 mins and are delivered over zoom unless otherwise stated by the company.


Food & Mood

Fat Loss Tips & Tricks

Habits for Living a Healthy, Happy Life

Stress Managment Tools & Techniques

Productivity Hacks & Morning Routines

Success Mindset

Detox your home and work space

Eat for Energy

Corporate Wellness Topics can also be customized to fit the needs of company. 

To schedule a corporate Wellness Workshop or for more information email