Surviving the Fiesta

Posted by Sabrina Sarabella on Thursday, May 1, 2014

Did you know Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays?  It is a holiday that is stress free, requires no expectations and generally people just want to have a good time.  I also love it because its MY BIRTHDAY!  

Yes, I love having my birthday on Cinco de Mayo because everyone likes to celebrate it too!  I love a good fiesta and I know that you can celebrate while still living a fat loss lifestyle.  

Here are some simple tips for having a healthier fiesta:

Be smart about your drinks.  Margaritas can have hundred of calories and light beer can also add up to hundreds of calories. If you are going to drink then use seltzer as your mixer.  And remember, choose alcohol or chip not both.   

Use salsa as a dressing and condiment instead of sour cream and skip the dishes that are covered in cheese.  

Mexican flavors can be powerful so use it to your advantage.  Cook with cilantro, taco seasoning, chili peppers, tomatoes and onions to spice up your cooking without adding additional calories.  

Stick to lean meats like turkey, chicken and lean beefs for your main dishes and add in some beans.  Beans are filled with fiber and will help to keep you fuller for longer.

Trade out your fried chips for baked chips or use veggies to dip in your guacamole instead.

As a special gift for you I have written a Cinco De Mayo cookbook for you! 

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Tacos, Fajitas, Margaritas and much more!