Supplements for Breast Health

Posted by on Thursday, October 25, 2018

October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month but I choose to look at it as a time to educate on proper breast health. 

As important as proper nutrition is for good for breast health you can read about my nutrition recommendation here.

I believe supplementation is just as important. 

Here are some of my top recommendations for Supplements that Support Breast Health 

Vitamin D our body makes Vitamin D from the sun and some foods like fatty fish, eggs, and walnuts. However, if you live in a place that doesn’t get sunshine year round or you don’t expose yourself to sunshine without sunscreen it may be hard to have optimal levels of Vitamin D. 

Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to cancers therefore it is important to keep an eye on your Vitamin D levels in your blood. If you are deficient it is important to take a Vitamin D supplment. 

Recommend Product: Designs for Health Vitamin D Synergy

DIM Diindolylmethane or DIM for short contains the phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and mustard greens. 

Studies have shown that DIM can reduce the risk of breast, cervical and other estrogen-driven cancers by helping the body to detox excess estrogen out of the body and have a better balance of “good” estrogen compared to “bad” estrogen. 

Recommended Product: Pure Encapsulations DIM Detox 

Sulforaphane is a chemical that is found in cruciferous vegetables especially broccoli sprouts and has been shown to decrease the progression of cancer cells.  It has also been shown to decrease the impact of carcinogens and toxins on the body. When sulforophane is present in the body a carcinogen is less likely to turn into a cancer cell.  

When you can’t get your hands on broccoli sprouts (they are sometimes hard to find) then supplementation is important.

Recommended Product: Metagenics SulforaClear 

NAC- N-acetylcysteine is a precursor to glutathione. Glutathione is a major antioxidant in the body that helps to remove toxins and support immunity. Many things like medications, alcohol, etc. can deplete glutathione stores and leave you susceptible to a weakened immune system and diseases like cancer. 

Taking NAC daily can help to increase glutathione stores and help to keep the body healthy and the immune system doing it’s job to ward off illness. 

Recommended Product: PharmaNAC 900mg

Glutathione- As I mentioned above NAC is a precursor to glutathione, which means that when NAC is present in the body it can make NAC in the body. However, NAC is only effective at restoring depleted glutathione, not at building or maintaining normal levels. 

Therefore it is important to take a glutathione supplement, but they are not the best absorbed orally so the best way to take glutathione is topically or liposomal. (Liposomal means you take it orally but it is absorbed through the cell of the mouth. 

Glutathione is important to the body because it is a great antioxidant that helps the body to remove free radicals that cause disease and helps protect the body from toxins. 

Recommended Product: QuickSilver Liposomal Glutatione