Nutrition for Peak Performance Part 2...Its all about timing

Posted by Sabrina Sarabella on Thursday, September 26, 2013

As you are getting ready for your race here are some insights on how to time your meals before and after the big event. 


The Night Before

-You want to have a high carb meal to fill your liver with glycogen but you also want to balance the meal with lean protein.

-Start hydrating the night before so you don’t over hydrate the morning of the race.  Your urine should be pale yellow.

-Avoid drinking alcohol the night before the race, it will only dehydrate you and slow you down.

-Don’t try any new foods that you are not used to eating.

-Avoid any excess fiber so that it doesn’t affect your stomach.

Meal Ideas:

                -Chicken and veggie stir fry over brown rice

                -Pasta with turkey meatballs and mixed vegetables

                -Salmon with sweet potato and broccoli

                -Spaghetti squash with ground turkey meat and mixed vegetables

Pre-Race Meal

-The main purpose of a pre race meal is to build glycogen stores for energy to be used during the race.

-The ideal timing for a pre race meal is 2-4 hours before the race begins (depending on your race time).

-If you can only eat less than 2 hours before the race then stick to smaller portions of food so that your stomach does not get upset.

-Make 80% of your pre race meal calories should come from carbohydrates.  Keep your protein and fiber consumption low and avoid any food that my cause you gas or you are not used to eating.

-Some good pre race foods are:

                -Oatmeal with fresh berries

                -Banana with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

                -Pancakes with fresh fruit

                -Trail mix with nuts and fruit

                -Granola with low fat milk and fruit

                -Energy Bar-like cliff bar

                -Greek yogurt with, fresh fruit and ground flax seed

Post race nutrition

-Try and eat 15-30 minutes after your race to repair muscle and replenish glycogen stores.

-Hydrate as soon as you are done with your race.  You may want to use a sports drink if you are feeling you have pushed yourself extremely hard.

-Continue to drink water throughout the day before you begin to drink alcohol to celebrate your victory!

Post race snacks:

                -Orange slices with a handful of nuts

                -Hummus on whole grain pita

                -Whole wheat bagel with almond butter

                -Dried fruit and nuts

                -Nut butter on whole wheat bread

                -Fruit smoothie


Good luck on your race!