Make More Money as a PT or Group Fitness Instructor Without Burning Out

Posted by on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Are you a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor that is tired of trading time for money?

Want to know how you can make more money in less time without having to work more hours? 

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 18 years I know what its like to do the fitness shuffle everyday.

Waking up early to get to your first client, running from gym to gym or client to client, getting in your own workouts and then finding time to eat, do things for yourself and then back to the gym for your night clients. 

Just saying it sounds exhausting and I know first hand, as you do how exhausting it can be. 

But I know you love your job as much as I love my job, we live to help people become healthier and teach them how to make it a part of your lifestyle. 

Have you been wondering (and hoping) if there is a way to make more money without working more hours in the gym while still doing the work you love? 

I am here to tell you YES!!


One of the best ways to do this is by doing online training in addition to teaching or training. 

What is so great about adding online coaching to your business? 

Make additional money without leaving your home.

Help more people. 

Have more freedom to work the hours you want. 

Adding an online component if you are a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or studio owner can add additional streams of revenue. 

When working in person as a PT or GX you will face certain restrictions on your ability to serve your clients. First of all, you are held to certain time restrictions, most gyms have you book on a 30 min or 60 min schedule since this is the best way to pack your schedule and make the most amount of money.  

However, all clients don”t have the same time requirements for their programming.  If they are a beginner they may only need a 30 or 45 min program or maybe their goals dictate that they need a 90-minute time slot. Also, most clients want to work out at the same times during the day, your prime spots. 

But you can’t train everyone at 6:30 pm, you are only one person! With online training, all of your clients can work out when they want to work out at the time that best fits their schedule. 

When you train your clients online there are no time restrictions, you can give your client the program that fits them without having to be concerned about them fitting into your busy schedule in person. 

Training or teaching classes in person you are only able to reach the people in that are geographically close to you. When your clients move away or become too busy to make it the gym to see you then you lose them as a client and miss out on all that income they brought to you.  

Incorporating online training to your in-person training you will be able to increase your revenue and your clientele because you are no longer restricted to working with people who are physically close to you. 

Online training allows you to work with more people in less time and also charge them less, a win-win for everyone. Because training is expensive and considered a luxury, although we as professionals know it is a necessity when clients are able to train online they are able to pay less but still get the benefits of working with you. 

As a gym owner, it can be hard to find and retain quality trainers. You also have dead times during the day that your facility isn’t making any money at all. 

With online training, you are able to pay your trainers during the dead times to set up programs for your online clients, while still taking a profit off the top, and make extra money for your facility. 

You are also able to offer your clients a way to work with you who would otherwise quit the gym because they are moving away from your location. 

You may think that you need a ton of technology to get started with online training but you really just need a few simple things to get started, an email account, PayPal account and a program as simple as Excel to write up programs. 

As you advance and gain more clients you may want to look into software programs that are built to help personal trainers manage clients and programming. 

The next step would be to decide on what your pricing and packages will be. For example, you can charge $100 a month for program design, $100 a month for nutrition guidelines/program, $150 for email support. Put it together in a package for a discount of $250 a month and sell it as a deal! 

You can start to get clients by reaching out to old clients that may have moved away, or clients that thing in-person training is too expensive. Post on your social media pages that you are not excepting one on one clients online. 

If one on one coaching is not your thing you can run your online program in a group format. For example, you would charge your clients a flat fee for the month or 4 weeks, this would include an exercise program and meal plan that would be the same for everyone.  

You can run a Facebook group that you can post daily motivation and inspiration to your clients and answer any questions for your group. 

Running an online group will allow you to service a larger group of people at the same time using the same programming with minimal tweaks, it also builds a sense of community. 

When I first started to get involved in online training I launched a group format training. It was in May so I named it 4 weeks to help people get ready for Summer. 

I gave a suggested 4-week meal plan, 6 different workouts that they rotated throughout the month, I posted daily in a private Facebook group motivational messages. I also used the FB group to post recipes and other fitness tips. 

My first launch I charged $99 a person and had about 20 people in the group and made around $2,000 that month in my online program. After the 4 weeks was over I was able to turn about 25% of the people over to 1 on 1 online clients for an additional price per month. 

I usually try to run a group program a few times a year but you can run them as many times as you want. 

If you are looking to add some additional revenue then online personal training could be a good choice.  

I am running my Online Business Bootcamp that will help you learn how to get your first online program and clients. This is a great starter program for anyone who has thought about building an online brand but doesn’t know where to start. 

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