Let the Sun Shine

Posted by on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Have I told you before how much I love summer and sunshine? 

Now the sun is shining and we are in the think of summer it’s important to understand the benefits and dangers of sun exposure.  

Getting sun exposure is essential and extremely important for production of Vitamin D.  The danger of sun exposure comes when you let yourself get burned.  Sun exposure should be used intelligently and  we should learn to not let our sun exposure lead to sun burns.

Vitamin D is an important nutrients that ensures the body absorbs enough calcium and ultimately aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and even cancer.  

What is healthy sun exposure?

Smart sun exposure is getting at least 15 mins of sunlight a day without wearing sunscreen during the peak times of 10-2pm.  If you are staying outdoors for prolonged periods of time you should use sunscreen, after your initial 15 mins, to avoid sunburns.  

Trade in your sunglasses for a hat.  Wear a hat instead of wearing sunglasses because wearing sunglasses shuts down the melanin (the protective skin pigment that rises to the skin’s surface during sun exposure) and D3 production (one of the master nutrients of the body.)

Here are some natural tips on how to keep yourself from getting burned and help the skin recover quickly.

Consume a diet rich in antioxidants especially the carotenoids and lycopene, found in tomatoes.

Use a greens drink or eat vegetables before and after sun exposure.

Use mineral sunscreen to keep you from getting burnt if you are laying directly in the sun for long periods of time.

Drink green tea after sun exposure because it has been shown to protect the skin from burns.

Consume fruits high in bioflavanoids which have content that is skin protective, such as berries.

Pure aloe is the most beneficial herb to use in case you do get a sunburn. 

If you do find yourself exposed to the sun for long periods of time there are some great supplements to take to help protect your skin and body from the damages of excess sun. 

Omega 3s are anti inflammatory and help to nourish the skin with heathy dose of fat. 

After constant sun exposure the skin can dry out and cause the skin to lose its glowing supple look and fine lines and wrinkles can appear. Omega 3s will help improve the look of skin from the inside out. 

Glutathione Over time sun expose and especially sun burns can cause damaged cells, glutathione is an antioxidant that helps with cell turnover and helps to make sure cells damaged cells are removed and new healthy cells made. 

Niacin or B3 is involved in blood circulation and hormone production helping your skin, eyes, liver and nervous system in good shape. It has has been shown to diminish dark spots and increase collagen production. (Should be taken as part of a B complex vitamin) 

Vitamin A is absorbed in the form of carotenoids or retinol, and is important for eyesight, immune system, cell differentiation and bone grown. Retinoids can also be applied to skin to help with wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and rough skin. (Should be taken as part of a multi vitamin) 

Vitamin C a super antioxidant that is a main player in the production of collagen and helps to fight the signs of aging. 

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