Keys to Success

Posted by on Friday, January 20, 2017

Whether it be a resolution you set to eat healthier or maybe a goal of finding a new job there are certain things that we can do to help us be more successful.

I help clients that struggle with reaching goals they set for themselves to make a few tweaks that help them to be more successful. 

Here are some of my tips to help increase success when trying to reach a goal. 

Have a purpose not just a goal.  Yes, it is important to have goals and a plan for what you want in your life, but if you really want to achieve those goals then you need to find your purpose behind those goals. It is the passion behind your purpose, or your why, that really drives you to reach your goals.  Anyone can say they want to reach a goal but to truly achieve those goals and success in life one must find a purpose that helps drive them.

Stop making excuses. Excuses only hurt our performance and motivation to achieving success.  Making excuses don’t help us look for solutions to our problems they allow us to play the victim. You see, when you make an excuse for not reaching your goal or working towards achieving success your give yourself the permission to stay stuck. Everyone is busy, everyone has stress in their life, we all have our own story and obstacles that can hold us back from success.  It is our choice to either play the victim and make excuses for the reasons why we can’t accomplish our goals or we can look for alternative ways to reach our goals to achieve success. 

Be true to yourself. I kind of feel that the word authentic is overused these days but I do think what it means is important.  When you are in alignment with who you are and you are being true or authentic then success can be achieved. If you are working on reaching a certain goal or success then being honest about who you are is important.  People who demonstrate authenticity or are true to themselves know their values and intentions. They are able to recognize when an opportunity arises that is in line with their values and will result in leading them towards success in their goals and steer clear of things that take them off course. 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’m sure you have heard that growth only happens when you step out of your comfort zone. When you so something that can be uncomfortable or brings up fear, it teaches you that you can accomplish success in a way you may have not believed that you could.  Doing tasks that are outside your comfort zone allow you to experience new ways of doing things and trains your brain and body to take more risks. When we just stay comfortable with what we are doing we may never know how successful we can truly be by pushing our limits. 

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is the key to success! I know that sounds contradictory, but failing means that you are at least trying to accomplish your goals. When you fail you learn that maybe that way of doing something didn’t work so that you can try a different course of action. If you look at the history of any successful entrepreneur or inventor you will learn that they all failed numerous times before they ever succeeded. So don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from the success you are seeking.

Take Action. Success only happens when action is taking place so if you are not moving or taking action then success cannot be achieved. Whenever you think you are not accomplishing your goals or you don’t feel successful just focus on taking some sort of action. Don’t wait till the conditions are perfect or till we have all the tools we need to succeed to get started, success starts with one small move that will eventually build momentum.