Is Your Face Trying to Tell You Something?

Posted by on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I have this love/hate relationship with FaceTime.  I love that I can see the person I am talking to and almost feel like they are right there with me, but I also sometimes hate when a friend wants to FaceTime and I’m not prepared and my face looks like this. 

Anyway, the other day I was talking to a friend on FaceTime and I noticed that she had these dark circles under her eyes, and not just “bags” but the skin looked a little grayish.  She had also broken out on some parts of her skin. 

I asked her what was going on in her life and she started to tell me everything was fine but I could tell by her face she wasn’t telling the truth.

As the conversation went on she told me she had been feeling more tired lately, brain fog, and couldn’t fall asleep at night because she would get a burst of energy when it was time to go to sleep. 

She runs her own business, takes care of her family among many other responsibilities like most of us and it was starting to show on her face! 

She asked me how I knew something was going on with her and that she was stressed out and having issues with her monthly cycle.  

I explained I could read it on her skin.  

Her dark gray circles under her eyes told me she was having adrenal issues that was probably being caused by increased stress and lack of sleep.

From the breakouts on her chin I assumed she was having hormonal issues around her cycle. 

I talked to her about making some lifestyle and diet changes to help improve these symptoms.  I also talked about how you can see what is going on with her health just by looking at your skin on your face. 

Did you know that your face call tell you all of these things about your health? 

Is your Face trying to tell you something? 

We have many different tests that can tell us what is going on with our body but did you know that our skin can also give us insights on our health.  


The top of the head has a connection to the digestive system and bladder.  If you tend to break out in this area you may need increase water consumption and eat more whole foods.  Incorporating yoga and exercises to help improve digestion can also help. This is also an area where I see a little of small little bumps breakout due to a dairy intolerance.  If this is happening to you I would suggest removing dairy. 

Middle of the Forehead

This area is connected to the liver which is the detoxing organ of your body. If you find yourself breaking out in this area it could indicate that you drank too much alcohol, had too many fried foods or possibly a food allergy. If this is problem area for you then look to reduce use of alcohol and fast foods with high fat. Also increase consumption of foods that help support the liver such as garlic, lemons, cabbage and dandelion. 


The cheeks often give insight into the lunges and any sort of respiratory distress.  Smokers or people who suffer from allergies tend to have broken capillaries or congestion in this area. It can also be linked to low absorption of nutrients and a slow metabolism. 

Pimples in this area can also be linked to dirty cell phones or touching your face with your hands too much.  Be sure to always keep your hands clean and off of your face, try to use an ear piece when using a cell phone.

You may also look into using a toner on your face in this area to help keep your skin clean and clear. 

Increase consumption of foods that help support the lungs such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, chili peppers and pomegranates. 


Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes can relate back to kidney and adrenal issues.  Be sure that you are properly supporting your adrenals by controlling stress levels, taking down time and keeping blood sugar stable throughout the day by eating small meals. Investing in a good eye cream will also help to cover up dark circles too. 


Reddening around the nose can be related to high blood pressure and also the early stages of rosacea. Breakouts in this area can indicate and internal flair up or inflammation. If the nose is your problem area then increase the amounts of essential fatty acids in your diet, such as wild salmon, flax seeds, and walnuts. 


Breakouts here can indicate a hormonal imbalance and also increased amount of stress. The chin also links to the small intestine so food allergies can also show up in this area of the body.  

If you notice that breakouts occur at your time of the month in this area then start to pay extra attention to your skin at this time.  Reduce any foods that are high in hormones like dairy or meats and eat foods that help to regulate hormones. 

It is also important to reduce stress and get plenty of sleep to help keep this area blemish free. 


Adrenal stress can also show up on the neck and also flushing is very common.  Address your adrenals by controlling stress levels with proper diet balanced with cortisol lowering activities like yoga or leisure walking. 

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