I'll Start Monday Starts Now

Posted by Sabrina Sarabella on Thursday, September 19, 2013

If you are starting a diet don’t start on a Monday or you will fail!  Well, not exactly but lets talk about why starting a diet on Monday isn’t the best idea.  Sunday night comes and you are depressed and upset because you just spent the weekend drinking and going out, eating out all week and probably having dessert every night.  You say to yourself, tomorrow (Monday) is the day I am going to start to eat healthy, workout and take control of my health and weight.  Monday comes, you get up go to the gym, you eat healthy all day and go to bed early so you can do it again tomorrow.  This may last for the next two days until Thursday comes and your friends are going to happy hour.  You go to happy hour with them instead of going to the gym.  You drink wine, have some pizza and french fries and then it just goes on from there.  You say “What the hell, I’ve already cheated on my diet, might as well just start again on Monday.”  You continue the cycle over the weekend, and start again on Monday.  Does this cycle sound familiar to you?  

Well, did you know your body doesn’t know and doesn’t care if you start your diet on a Monday or a Friday?!  What would you do if you never had to start another diet on a Monday again?  It’s time to stop thinking about your nutrition as a diet and more as a lifestyle change.  When you start to make lifestyle changes about your nutrition, healthy eating just becomes a habit and you never have to worry about being on or off a diet ever again!  

Here are a few things to start changing in your mindset around dieting:

  1. When you are living a healthy fat loss lifestyle you never have to think about depriving yourself all week and then binging on the weekend, leaving you to start all over again on Monday.  When you are first starting out on your new lifestyle take it one day at a time and build healthy habits over time.  For example, the first week focus on drinking more water, for the second week focus on eating more vegetables, for the third week start focusing on eating protein at every meal.  If you break it down week to week you will not feel overwhelmed and deprived.
  2. You are only one meal away from living your healthy fat loss lifestyle.  If you decide to go to happy hour and have a slice of pizza that is ok, but, be ok with your decision and don’t beat yourself up over it.  At your next meal or the next morning go back to eating your protein and veggies and return to your fat loss eating.  Don’t just give up and spend the weekend binging if you have one binge meal.
  3. Fat loss happens anywhere and at anytime.  We are all very busy people and most of us do not get to eat all of our meals at home, but that doesn’t mean every time you go out you should order like it will be the last meal you are ever going to eat!  There are always healthy options on menus, sometimes you will just have to search a little to find a good option.  
  4. Use your fat loss tools.  You don’t need to look at your new lifestyle as a diet that has an end and just uses willpower to get you through the days.  Use what my friend Jill Coleman calls preemptive cheats.  One or two (not 10 ;) glasses of wine 2 times a week, or small piece of dark chocolate.  Things like this will help you to feel like you can life a fat loss lifestyle forever and not feel deprived.  

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