How You Can Be a Successful City Woman AND Take Care of You?

Posted by on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I am happy to introduce you to my colleague and friend Sarah, from The School of Balance ( She founded The School of Balance to help ambitious, driven women(sound familiar!!) who crave more balance in their lives.

Sarah is in a great position to do this, her story is like many people I speak to every single day, you too may relate; an ambitious, driven woman, super effective, excelling in all areas of her life (except for looking after herself!) SUPERWOMAN! 

Sarah like so many, was so driven and committed that all while climbing the corporate ladder with very little downtime...she got sick. Sarah is here today to tell us about her story.  

Hi I’m Sarah from The School of Balance 

Working in London, NYC or any big city is a lot of fun, but can also take it’s toll.

 I’m living proof.

I was super effective. Excelling in all areas of my life (except for looking after me!). Climbing the corporate ladder. 

Until I got sick. 

I had put so much of my focus, energy and time into the external that the internal crumbled in spectacular style. I spent so much time focusing on my career, my finances, my family, my friends. I forgot about my other needs.

It’s Not Just Me

Sabrina recently told the story about her friend who fell asleep at dinner. A funny story, but kinda sad too. How many times have you been in a meeting or at a social event and felt like you are there in body but not in spirit. Exhausted from the long hours, long commute and stress of everyday life.

It’s a slippery slope

We’re all either on the path, which leads upwards towards what we desire whether that be happiness, success, health and/or wealth OR we’re on the downwards path. Where day by day we’re standing still or even inching away from our dreams and goals. It happens so slowly we don’t even notice. It’s a slippery slope.  

It might be common, but it’s not normal

We’re dipping into our reserves. In a similar way you might do with your bank account. But you can’t live on credit for ever.

If we don’t take care of ourselves gradually over time we risk health problems (whether mental or physical) and weight gain. 

There is an alternative

You can be the successful superwoman who works hard and plays hard providing you also take care of you.

Take a moment to have a think about whether you really get enough quality sleep? About the last time you did something just for you? About whether you nourish your body?

It doesn’t have to mean wholesale change. Baby steps can start to take you off the slippery downwards slope and move you towards the upwards path. 

Relaxation is key to counterbalance our hectic lives. This doesn’t mean having to take the day off to go to the spa. Even 2-3 mini relaxations a day make a difference. And before you say I DON’T HAVE THE TIME these can be as short as one minute. You can even do them at the same time as other things - in the shower, on your daily commute, while waiting for your coffee order.


I didn’t admit I was on the wrong path. I didn’t realise how close to slipping down the slope I was. 

If you have the slightest inkling that this may be you then I urge you to please take ONE action today to #investinyou

If you want some help in taking steps to the upward path The SH(I)NE Programme is on sale through until Sunday (June 28th). It’s designed to take you through gradual habit change to learn to #investinyou without forgoing your existing life. Find out more here.  

Which path are you on?


With Love,


p.s.In case you missed it you can also listen to a fun little interview Sabrina and I did here.