How to Transform Your Life

Posted by on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring is a time to leave behind the winter and make changes to begin a new life or transformation.

If you are looking to make some life transformations this Spring start by believing in yourself and trusting what you are working towards is better than what you have right now.  

Let go of what doesn’t serve you.  When you are looking to make a transformation you will find things that no longer serve you need to left behind.  You can not propel yourself forward to change unless you give up those things that are holding you back.  Do you engage in negative self talk or don’t believe in yourself? These are things that need to be left behind and move forward with confidence and trust in yourself and the process.  

Start with your health.  When you are in optimal health you feel and look your best.  You are pain free, energetic and have less stress. If you are looking to make transformation in other parts of your life you must first work on your health and well-being.  

Be Grateful. Gratitude is the stepping stone for receiving anything you want in life. If you are not grateful for what you have now then you can not receive more. Start by being grateful for every little thing that you have right now and also give gratitude for what you want to have in the future. When you start to focus on all the good you have in your life you will begin to feel a shift in your life for the better. 

Start before you are ready.  You are never fully ready to make a huge life change, change is scary and staying the same feels comfortable.  But you don’t grow in your comfort zones and no transformation can happen there. 

Put yourself first. That may sound selfish, especially if you responsible for your family.  I’m not saying to forget about their needs but don’t forget about yours.  Remember, you can’t transform your life without putting in some effort and making it a priority.  The more you grow and become the best version of yourself the more you are able to set the best example for others that rely on you. 

Think Differently.  If you want to make a life transformation then you may need to change the way you are thinking.  You may be thinking too small and don’t see all of the big things you can achieve.  Open up to the possibilities of receiving what you want in other ways then you think it can happen.  Are you looking to make a life transformation that involves making more money?  Then think about al the possible ways that you can make money, not just through getting a promotion at your job.  Can you sell stuff on line? Can you join a network marketing company? Think differently then you have thought before and see how your life can transform. 

Ditch the excuses. Excuses do no good for anyone, they just keep you stuck in your own story.  Stop thinking that you can’t do something because, and start thinking about how you can make that change.  

Have a vision and get support. If you want to make a transformation then you should be able to visualize where you want to go, what you want to strive for. It is also important to surround yourself with supportive people who will help you achieve your transformation. Investing in a coach who is trained to help propel you forward and help you to achieve transformation is a wise decision.  

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