How Saying Two Simple Words Can Change Your Life

Posted by Sabrina A. Sarabella on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Almost every child from the time they can start communicating in taught two simple words that can change their life, Thank you.  We are taught from a very young age that we should be grateful for something when it is given to us.  But how many of us really understand why?

I feel that I am lucky to have been raised by a mother who has always had a thirst of self improvement and who always taught me about the universal law of attraction ‘like attracts like.‘  If you focus on positive things more positive things come to you and if you focus on negative then more negative will come to you.  

There have been numerous books written on this subject and many experts have talked about this universal law.  But you don’t need to study book after book on this subject to see this reflecting in the world around you.  I’m sure you have a friend that you know that always seems to be complaining about all the negative things in their life and they seem to draw more negative things to them and just have this air of doom and gloom around them all the time.  Conversely, you have those friends who are the opposite, only focus on the good in their life and happen to always be in a good mood.  These scenarios are not by chance, this is the law of attraction working its magic.  

One way to bring more good things and happiness into your life is by practicing gratitude.  By continuing to focus on what is good in your life you can begin attracting more good into your life.  This however does not mean you will never have anything negative happen to you or that you won’t ever be sad, mad, upset, etc.  By practicing gratitude it can give you a different outlook on life and things that happen to/for you and help you see the positive in these situations.  

How can practicing gratitude change your life?

  1. Gratitude makes up happier.  By bringing focus to why you are grateful for something  bring more happiness into your life.  
  2. Gratitude can make you healthier by indirectly improving your mood and also by helping to focus on fitness and nutrition and reducing inflammation in your body.
  3. Gratitude has been shown to be a brain booster by strengthening memory and improve quality of life.

There are so many ways that gratitude can change your life and I want you to experiece it for yourself.  

I truly believe that practicing gratitude daily can be a total game changer in your life but I do think it takes it a little work.  Gratitude is a practice and that means you need to practice it to get the benefits.  It takes effort and commitment but it is so worth the rewards.  

I want to invite you to join me on my Facebook page for 28 days of gratitude.  Together as a community I will post a different activity everyday for us to follow.  Daily practice of gratitude will help to make it a habit.  

I hope to see you on my Facebook page and let’s take the next 28 days (starting November 1st) start some Magic in our lives!