Does Halloween Scare You?

Posted by Sabrina A. Sarabella on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ahh, Halloween, a time where people dress up and go door to door to get candy for free.  Sounds like a crazy tradition, doesn’t it?  If you want candy why don’t people go and buy it themselves? ! 

My friend Jill Coleman posted on her Facebook page the other day, “Ahhh, Halloween week! My favorite week to remind all of us that candy is conveniently available every single day of the year.”  I couldn’t agree with her more!!

Holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s day, and Easter seems to center around candy that you can only get at a certain time of year.   However, we have these holidays all year long and we can go to any store and find candy anytime we want!  

Don’t let Halloween scare you this year!

 Here are some tips on how to survive Halloween:

  1. Candy is available all year long.  Like I talked about above you can get candy anytime you want, so try not to feel like this is the only time you can ever eat candy again.  The abundance mindset can help to break the binge cycle. If you know that you can eat candy anytime you want, you can let go of the feeling that Halloween is the only time you can eat candy.  The feeling that you can only eat candy on this one day a year is just setting you up to binge.  
  2. Start your day with a workout.  Doing an intense workout, as you know, has numerous benefits.  If you are planning on eating a little extra candy than usual on Halloween, doing an intense workout before can help to use extra calories you have consumed for muscle building instead of fat storage.  However, this does not give you a ticket to eat more candy :)
  3. Buy candy you don’t like.  If you are participating in Halloween and are buying candy for your home to give out, buy candy that you won’t be tempted to eat.  If you don’t have your favorite candy in your house staring at you in the face and taunting you then you will be less likely to eat it.  Out of sight, mostly out of mind ;)
  4. Eat your favorite candy.  Go ahead have some candy that you really enjoy.  Don’t feel guilty about it just enjoy it!  Have one piece not 100 pieces ;)
  5. Get rid of the leftovers.  You gave away all of your candy you bought for trick or treaters but now you have a whole new bag of candy someone (maybe your child) brought to you.  You already ate some of your favorite candy that you thoroughly enjoyed, you realized you can get candy anytime you want, not its time to let go of the rest!!  Give it away, throw it away, donate it, find a candy buy back program, whatever you need to do just get the rest of the candy out of your house.
  6. Get back on your usual routine.  So you ate some candy, maybe you ate a little too much candy and now your feel a little bloated and have a sugar hang over.  So what happens next? Don’t make day overindulgence lead into a week of binging on Halloween candy. Get up the next day and start your day with a large glass of water with lemon, drink at least 3 L of water throughout your day, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and lean protein and get back to the gym for an intense workout.  

Enjoy your Halloween and remember its just candy!

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