Detox Your Home

Posted by on Sunday, October 14, 2018

If you have been working hard on making better lifestyle changes in your life with diet and exercise you may be missing out on making healthier changes to your home. 

Did you know the environment in which we live in is just as important to our health and wellbeing as the food and lifestyle we lead?

Here are some of my tips on how to detox your home to live a healthier life! 

DITCH: Shoes in your home

SWITCH: Make your home a no shoe zone!  

Think about it, you walk around all day on the streets, sidewalks, and everywhere else that is picking up germs and many other disgusting things you don’t want to bring them in your house. 

As soon as you step food in your house you want to take off your shoes and leave them by the front door. Walk around in socks or slippers that are only meant to be kept in the house. 

DITCH: Plastics 

SWITCH: Use glassware and reusable bags.

Plastics contain hormone disrupting chemicals and should be used as little as possible. Switch out plastic food containers for glass, use real silverware instead of plastic, invest in washable metal straws instead of plastic. Trade your plastic bags for reusable cloth bags. 

DITCH: Poor Air Quality 

SWITCH: Get air cleaning plants

Air in your home can become stagnant and can contain environmental toxins. When these toxins build up they can cause respiratory problems and dizziness and nausea. Getting an air cleaning plant for your home will help to reduce these toxins in the air. A few plants that are good for this are the Spider Plant, Weeping Fig, Boston Fern, Bamboo Plant among others. 

DITCH: Candles, air fresheners & plug-ins, incense 

SWITCH: Use Essential Oils 

Invest in a high quality Young Living diffuser (or more than one!) and use YL pet-safe therapeutic-grade essential oils. Share the Premium Starter Kit for your loved ones. Diffusing YL oils is non-toxic, healthy, and all-natural. 

Smells amazing, and everyone in the room reaps the aromatherapy benefits while eliminating toxins from your life. Gift diffusers + oils instead of candles! Diffuser & oils are also perfect for house-warming presents. 

Is your hair salon, yoga studio, church or another place of business burning candles? Pay this information forward! 

DITCH: Chemical-Packed Cleaners 

SWITCH: Thieves Cleaner

You can use this natural all-in-one cleaner on your floors, countertops, bathrooms, mirrors, windows –– the list goes on & on. 

Not only will your home be a healthier environment for you and your family, your pets will thank you for it too. 

Remember, our pets are often on the ground where they're constantly breathing in chemicals from the wood floors, rugs, and tiles... 

Once you experience the Thieves Cleaner, you'll be amazed at how effective an all-natural product can be!

DITCH: Static dryer sheets & fabric softeners

SWITCH: Wool dryer balls + Essential Oils

Wool dryer balls are reusable, work great, are available at lots of places, and are a natural product. One of my favorite oils to add on them are Lemongrass, Lavender, and Lemon. 

You simply dab on a few drops before tossing the ball in the dryer. You can come up with your favorite scent combos too based on your preferences.

These are some simple things you can do to make your home healthier.