Chill Out and Reduce Anxiety

Posted by on Friday, June 1, 2018

Do you feel anxious and at the end of your rope more often than not. Feeling burnt out and need a reset?

Living in a fast paced world and trying to do everything all the time can cause us to feel stressed and burnt out. 

Here are some of my suggestions to reduce anxiety and that stressed out feeling. 

Focus on the Present. So many times worrying about the future or what has happened in the past can cause us anxiety and stress. When we focus on the present, the only thing we have control over, anxiety cannot exist. 

We cannot change what has happened in our past so there is no use in worrying about it and having it cause us anxiety and stress. We also cannot predict what is going to happen in our life in the future. 

The only thing we have control over is what we are doing right now in the present moment. When you start to focus on what you can control, the moment right now, you can begin to let go of the anxiety and stress that takes over us when we worry about the past or future. 

Meditate. Meditation and deep breathing has been shown to have many benefits backed by science. When we take time to stop and meditate or practice deep breathing it lets our body know that we are safe and we are able to take time to be calm and let our body relax. 

Also, when we mediate we focus on the present moment, and our breathe letting our body fully relax and let go our stress and anxiety for the time being. 

Reduce/Remove Caffeine. Ahh, I know many of us are addicted or just love our coffee but if you are feeling more anxious and stressed lately caffeine can be exasperating the issue. Caffeine can cause that nervous, jittery feeling that makes you feel stressed and anxious. 

Try to remove or reduce your levels of caffeine in your daily diet or switch over to green tea or matcha. Green tea and matcha still contain caffeine but is more slowly delivered to the body than coffee. Meaning that coffee will give you more of a immediate boost of caffeine and then have a quicker drop and green tea will give you more of a steady level of caffeine over time allowing it to have less amounts of anxiety or that jittery affect. 

Remove Sugar. Sugar much life caffeine can cause your body to feel jittery and shaky after eating. Reducing or removing sugar can help to lower levels of anxiety that is caused after eating sugary foods. 

Instead fill up on high fiber, high protein foods throughout the day. 

Schedule in some self care/me time. When we are always taking care of others and we can not focus on our own needs and wants. Anxiety and stress can rise when we are burnt out because we are focused on others instead of focusing on ourselves. 

Take a time out and schedule some self care, me time. Go for a massage, a relaxing walk, hang out with friends or family that make you laugh and smile. Whatever it is that helps you to focus on your own needs and wants take some time to do it daily and watch your levels of stress and anxiety dissipate. 

Increase Omega 3- There is some evidence that omega-3 fatty acids may ease anxiety symptoms and lift your mood by lowering levels of stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol in the body.

Add foods high in Omega 3’s like wild salmon, walnuts, and avocados in your daily diet to help increase your mood and help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Exercise. Among the wide variety of health benefits you can experience through exercise reducing stress and anxiety are among the most beneficial. 

Exercise and being active helps to release pent up energy and increase those feel good hormones that make us happy!