Can this lead to a happier you?

Posted by on Thursday, January 18, 2018

One great thing about the month of January is the time you have to slow down after a crazy month and spend some time taking care of yourself. 

This is a great time to reset and a take stock of what is going on in your life and how it is affecting your health. 

Self Care gets a bad rap sometimes, people think it’s just all about taking bubble baths while sipping on champagne and eating chocolate but there is so much more to it then that!!

Self Care is about honoring who you really are and taking the time to put yourself first. So many   times as women we put our needs last and take care of everyone else first.  By doing this it can lead us to feeling of burn out and resentment. 

Saying no and doing what you want. Ahh, it sounds so selfish doesn’t it? But actually it’s one of the most unselfish things you can do. 

I remember there was a time in my 20s when every week was filled with wedding showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, weddings, birthday celebrations etc. 

Yes, they were all happy occasions and I am so grateful to have such a large group of friends and family that I really care about but it got exhausting. 

I started to feel resentful that I had to give up another weekend of my time for someone else. All I wanted to do was do something for myself. So I started saying no to commitments that I no longer felt excited to go to. 

And sure, I may have missed out on a few friends celebrations but what happened was that when I allowed myself permission to say no and do what I wanted to do I was able to really be present and enjoy those parties and obligations that I really wanted to go to.

Do things that lights you up! Life is short so take the time to do things that really excite and light you up! Ever notice when you do something that lights you up the energy around you is contagious. 

People can’t help but want to be around you and share your joy. Doing things that light you up and excite you feed your soul and are the true meaning of self care. 

Eating healthy and working out. Ever notice that when we feel depleted and run down we can’t care for anyone else let alone ourselves. 

By eating healthy foods and moving your body regularly we can instantly start to feel better about ourselves and fill ourselves with energy. 

We are in charge of our own wellbeing and the most basic way to take care of it is by eating healthy foods and exercising. 

Living a life you don’t need a break from. No one loves a good vacation more than me, I love to travel and explore the world however, I think living a life that you genuinely love and don’t need to “escape” from is a true form of self care. 

If you are in a job that you hate and you count down the minutes until you get to leave from the moment you arrive maybe it’s time to look for a new job. In a relationship that doesn’t light you up and make you feel loved and appreciated then maybe it’s time to take yourself out of that situation. 

Living a life you don’t need a break from doesn’t mean you don’t ever want to go on vacation or look forward to a Friday night so you can kick back and relax with family and friends. 

It means making each day count. Do things you love everyday, find joy in your job, live your passion daily and love the people you spend your time with. 

If you have been feeling burnt out and not practicing self care then now is the time to join me in my Burnt out to Bliss challenge. 

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