Building Your Brand

Posted by on Friday, March 2, 2018

Knowing who and what your brand stands for is important in today’s world. With some many people in the online space, it is hard to stand out if you are just like everyone else. 

What your brand stands for and what it represents will help to attract the clients you want in your business. 

Who Are You? 

One of the first things you want to do when defining your brand is figuring out who you are. Why would someone want to work with you or buy a product or service from you? What are things that stand out about you? If you have not figured out who you are, what your values and mission is then this is a good time to start! 

Take out a piece of paper and write down the words and values that people would use to describe you and your business. Be honest and choose words that are positive and authentic to who you are and what you offer your clients.

What’s Your Story? 

Now tell me your story, what lead you to be in the business you are in now. It is important to describe your struggle and how you overcame obstacles to be the person you are today. 

Your story is what will really connect people to you, to make your and your brand relatable and attract people who want to work with you. 

Telling your story makes you seem real.

What Are Your Values? 

How do you figure out what are your core values? 

Here is an exercise for you.  Think about your three greatest accomplishments and then your three greatest failures and figure out the commonality of these events. Then think of what advice you would give yourself based on these commonalities. 

What values come through? Identify what values are most important to you and your brand.

What is Your Brand Personality? 

Identify your emotional appeal. What are your personality features? This can be as easy as saying you have a crazy sense of humor or that you are obsessively organized. Take a few moments, why do you think people are attracted to the brand of you?

Are you fun, formal, witty, sarcastic, etc. Describe yourself. Be honest and real and figure out what your personality of you and your brand will is. 

Being authentic is such a hot word right now but it’s true, don’t try and be someone else because you think that is what people want. Be true and authentic to who you are and then you will attract the right people to you. 

What stands out about you and your brand? What does everyone know about your likes and dislikes? 

Another exercise is to think about your favorite brand and describe what are the things you like most about that brand. What does the brand represent? How does that make you feel? Do you want to emulate any of these personality features in your brand? 

What is Your Specialty? 

When you are able to niche down your business then you will be able to attract people that want to buy from you or work with you. As the saying goes when you try to be the jack of all trades then you will be the master of none. 

You don’t need to be everything to everyone and in fact when you define your specialty then you will see more success. 

Define Your Target Audience

Establish who is your target audience. Who exactly do you want to attract and serve your business? What do they like, where do they hang out, what are their spending habits? 

You want to solve a problem for your target audience so what are their biggest struggles?

Once you define your target audience then you will be able to write to your audience and design products and solutions for them. 

Share Your Brand! 

Now that you have defined your brand, personality, values, and target audience now its time to share your brand with the world!!

I believe the most important things when sharing your brand and business with the world is to stay authentic and true to your brand. 

Stay consistent with your content and brand personality among all Social Media platforms. For example, don’t post that you love animals on one SM platform and on the other talk about how you will never own a pet. 

Use professional-looking photos. You are a business and your brand represents you so it is important to choose professional looking media. 

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