Are You Feeling Burnt Out?

Posted by on Thursday, January 11, 2018

So now that the craziness of the December and the holidays are over and its time to settle down in to your usual day to day life you may be feeling a little burnt out or run down.

It is not unusual to feel burnt out especially after a time in your life when you have probably been non stop doing things to take care and trying to please others. 

What does being burnt out look like? 

-Feeling of exhaustion, being tired no matter how long you sleep. 
-Not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep at night.
-Feeling of anxiety or constant stress. Worried about the future or not knowing what to do next.
-Loss of motivation or inspiration. 
-Sad, lonely or depressed. 
-Moody and snappy at people. 
-Feeling drained emotionally or physically.

Does this sound like you? If yes, here are some tips I have for you to help get over the burn out and get back to your thriving life. 

If this doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine! 

I am happy you are thriving but you can also use these tips to be sure that you don’t experience burn out in the future.

Ask for help. As women, we are superwomen, doing everything for everyone, putting others needs before our own which leads to feeling of burn out and also resentment. 

But here is a little secret, you don’t have to do everything for everyone, you can ask for help! No, asking for help doesn’t make you look weak, it makes you look smart. 

Some super easy things you can do is to hire a house keeper to help clean around your house so you can take that off your plate. Or if you are running a business and feeling overwhelmed maybe it’s time to hire a social media company.  Look for ways that you can make your life easier by asking for help and maybe hiring out some of your tasks.

Take a step back and look at your life. January, the start of a new year and typically a month where life slows down a little, is a great time to take a step back and really look at your life. 

Write down your goals and then take a real honest look at what is working in your life; relationships, finance, job, health and wellness and what is not working so that you are able to really reach your goals. 

What in your life can be adding to the stress and feeling of being burnt out? How can you eliminate these things or people in your life so that you don’t feel drained and can thrive in your life. 

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Take time to recover. When we are constantly in go mode, there is no time to recover and no downtime. There is no time to stop and take a break and we can feel like we are just running on adrenaline. 

When we are working so hard and taking care of others there is rarely time to take care of ourselves unless we make the time. If you are feeling burnt out and run down from doing all the thing you have been doing lately then it’s important to take time to recover.

If you have been feeling exhausted, lacking motivation, moody and irritable you body is trying to communicate with you to let you know that it needs some downtime and rest. 

Yes, I know you are busy, and I know it seems like you can’t take anytime to rest but it is important to listen to what your body is trying to tell you or you can wind up sicker or more burnt out then you already are. 

So whether it be going to bed an extra hour earlier every night, staying in on a Saturday night to just chill, hiring someone to take some extra work off your plate, taking a mini vacation or whatever you need to feel like you have given your body the rest and recovery that you need to feel rejuvenated. 

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